Nathan ‘BlackRain79’ Williams Interview

For pg slot auto our meeting today we have famous blogger Nathan BlackRain79 Williams who will be noting a few poker and general life questions.

Nathan Williams
Could you at any point begin by informing us a piece regarding yourself?
Sure. I’m 36 and I live in Thailand. I’m initially from Vancouver, Canada. I invested the majority of my energy in college before poker exploded, getting a human sciences certificate.
What’s more, how could you get into playing poker?
It was late 2004 and I was at a little party with a lot of companions. One person told us the best way to play this “new game” called Texas Hold’em. We each put in $5. I lucked out and won. I found web-based poker the exceptionally following day and began learning the game and playing the phony chip tables.
When did you see your most memorable achievement?
Well I was a phony chip whiz haha. I amassed a great many on Partypoker and Pokerstars. Be that as it may, genuinely, after I exchanged over to genuine cash I had achievement immediately. It likely doesn’t make for an excellent story since there were no battles.
This was during a time when the games were significantly more straightforward. That is maybe one explanation. Yet, I think the other is that I was good to go. I had a deep understanding of bankroll the executives, a strong Label methodology and close to home control before I at any point plunked down and began playing for genuine cash.
I additionally took as much time as is needed. I began at the exceptionally most minimal stakes (1c/2c) and gradually moved up. It took me around 2 years to arrive at the NL100 tables (50c/1$).
How could you keep up with that achievement and execute preparing to get to the next level?
So since I came up during a period prior to preparing locales, present day books, training and dynamic discussions, I needed to track down ways of enhancing my own a great deal. I did this by playing a lot of poker and afterward investing much more energy exploring my hands in Pokertracker.
Might you at any point share one significant suggestion that you think separates you from the rest in your preparation system?
I truly think it was the time that I put in at the tables. I have played north of 7 million hands now lifetime. It is basically impossible that that you will play that many hands of poker and not get familiar with some things. I think many individuals invest to an extreme degree an excessive amount of energy nowadays discussing the game, watching recordings about the game, perusing books about the game and not doing what truly matters, playing it.
When did you choose to begin training poker?
I chose to begin training in around 2011 I think it was. This was soon after I had endorsed on as a teacher at a significant preparation site. I found it pleasant to help individuals and a decent interruption from the tables. Be that as it may, I chose to quit training in 2014 because of time responsibilities.
What’s more, after that you began to compose, you presently have two distributed books – enlighten me a piece concerning that progress?
Indeed. As of late I have delivered two books. Pulverizing the Microstakes which is intended for the lower end of the micros (NL2 and NL5 specifically). And afterward as of late Current Little Stakes which is likewise a procedure book that is outfitted more towards individuals who have continued on the NL10, NL25 and NL50 games.
Nathan Williams Books
I appreciate contributing to a blog and I sort of composed the primary book as a trial after a couple of individuals recommended it. It took off in prevalence far past what I at any point expected, so I at last wound up composing a second book too.
Assuming you needed to pick between playing, or training and composing what might it be? Also, which angle do you see yourself zeroing in on additional in the following couple of years?
Well as of right now I’m fundamentally resigned from instructing. I did it for a long time and I may again one day however I like to invest a greater amount of my energy into playing the game and expounding on it nowadays. I will constantly play the game since I basically appreciate it.
In any case, I in all actuality do like the parttime progress that I have moved to as of late. I played full-time for north of 5 years and it can get distressing and lead to burnout. I likewise invest a great deal of energy expounding on the game now from keeping up my blog at to composing week by week sections over at

Since I look at your blog I realize that you’re residing in Thailand at this moment – any designs to return to Canada or have you viewed as your new home?
Canada will constantly be where I’m from however I believe Thailand to be home at this point. However, i will constantly return to Canada to see loved ones.
What amount of time could it require for you to take another player from 1/2c to being productive in the following couple of cutoff points up?
A ton of it relies upon the player’s commitment to learning, hard working attitude and discipline. So addressing this question is truly challenging. For nearly merely weeks or months, for some maybe never.






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